Day 10

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan –
Time of the Season

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isobel“Christmas Eve the lights went out,
That don’t really help the situation /
She grabbed his coat and kicked him out,
Some angel had been praying for salvation /
Cats don’t believe in Santa Claus, spayed and declawed,
It’s not me you’re deceiving /
And peace and love is all around,
At this time of the season”

I’m not entirely sure what this song is about. I mean, sure, it’s a relationship song. Clearly. And it takes place (more or less) during the Christmas season. Aside from that…

I’m in love with the way that this song is a perfect marriage of music and lyric. The intimacy of the music — which is just gorgeous, by the way — perfectly supports the fact that the lyrics are more like a page from someone’s journal than a “song”. The hushed, unison vocal delivery somehow floats on top of a beautiful swelling sea of strings, circuitous acoustic guitar picking, and bouncing bass lines.

It’s all so simple, but the sum of the parts is next-level beautiful.

Recommendation: Listen to this one in headphones. It’s so worth the extra attention.

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