Day 15

Jonathan Coulton & John Roderick –
One Christmas At A Time

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“Look, I couldn’t find a single Teddy Ruxpin anywhere /
But they’ll still be just as popular next year /
And when I find a stash, I’ll buy ten.”

coulton-roderickBack in the year of our Lord two thousand and twelve, indie music raconteur John Roderick (of the Seattle band The Long Winters) and internet music darling Jonathan Coulton recorded a collaborative Christmas album that is just start to finish delightful.

This song, the title track, is a comedic ear worm that provides a great summary of the spirit of the album. It’s catchy, funny, and oddly warm and sweet. This kind of song could easily come off as hacky and gimmicky, but Roderick and Coulton lean into it with a sincerity and sense of joy that is infectious.

Check out the rest of the album, too!

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