Day 2

Solomon Burke –
Presents for Christmas

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solomonburke“You know I’m even fat enough to be the world’s biggest Santa Claus! Ha!”

Now this… if this doesn’t stir something in your soul and get your foot tapping and your head bobbing, well friend, I feel sorry for you. I love this song’s unending groove and unrelenting joy.

If you’re unfamiliar with Solomon Burke, take some time and dig into his catalog. He’s a pioneer of soul music but I never hear him getting his due, which is a shame.

Later in this series there are some definite downer songs, so I wanted to get this one out early.

This is your go-to pick-me-up and the antidote to any holiday season ills or stresses. Turn this up loud, smile wide, sing along, and dance your bah humbugs away.

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