Day 21

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers –
Christmas All Over Again

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“And all over town little kids gonna get down /
And Christmas is a rockin’ time, put your body next to mine /
Underneath the mistletoe we go, we go”


I’ve been trying to avoid “popular” / “common” / “well known” songs — but c’mon. This song is just too good to not include. And, of course, I’m a giant Tom Petty fan.

This is another Christmas song that is just plain delightful. You can hear how much fun the band is having here. The drums and horns ooze Christmas. The lyrics and Petty’s vocal delivery are joyful and whimsical. (You can hear him channeling Roy Orbison all through this.)

And you’ve gotta love his post-song Christmas list: “Now let’s see… I want a new Rickenbacker guitar… two Fender Bassmans… a Chuck Berry song book… xylophone…”

I’ll take those same things!

BONUS: Live at the White House, December 2000

I love that you can see Petty really hamming it up!

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