Day 7

MU330 –
X-Mas Card

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mu330-475“You sent a Christmas card to my parents / I get nothing / I get nothing!”

Ah, another post-breakup Christmas-time lament, this time in the very holiday style of… ska punk?

I kid, I kid. I actually really love this song. Musically, it’s a super-fun, bouncy little thing with a great bass line and fun horns. Lyrically however, it’s all breakup angst.

We broke up! Why did you send a Christmas card to my parents? Should I have sent you something — just to “prove” that I’m over you?

Tonally, if not literally, it reminds me of the scene from Wayne’s World where Stacy gives Wayne a gun rack. “We broke up six months ago! Get the net!”

This song is criminally short — and because of that is easily the song on this list that I hit “repeat” on the most. It always leaves me wanting more — in the best of ways.

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