Day 8

Fountains Of Wayne –
I Want An Alien For Christmas

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fountainsofwaynepromo-05042011“I want a little green guy /
About three feet high /
With seventeen eyes /
Who knows how to fly”

The last few songs in this series were kind of heavy. It’s time for some Fountains Of Wayne.

This song is pure and innocent power-pop joy. (And very family friendly. My kids love this one.) It’s really amazing to me that it’s only two minutes and nineteen seconds long, because the Fountains Of Wayne boys pack a lot of story — and a killer synthy keyboard solo — into that time.

(Which itself is a great lesson/reminder for this time of year: great things come in small packages.)

Later in the series, I’m going to be featuring some “bonus tracks” — equally great songs that didn’t make it into the 24 day advent calendar. Fountains Of Wayne have two of those bonus tracks. (It was really hard to choose which one to feature here.) So if you like “I Want An Alien For Christmas”, you have more to look forward to!

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